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We've gone through puberty and we know what acne.

Acne occurs in 80% of adolescents, while 5% leaves scars-scars.

Types of acne scars

We distinguish three different types:

the atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid.

The atrophic are the most common. Leave 'sunken' cavities in the skin (boxcar scars) or cavities by way of the iceberg (ice pick scars).

Approximation before treatment scarring from acne

Treatment of acne at an early stage helps to not create permanent scarring. When they generate is very difficult to disappear.

The treatment improves by 50% -70 appearance.

Acne is important to understand the doctor what bothers the patient and consider the healing time.

The treatment is an indication for individual scars.

Generally we choose the least invasive treatments such as chemical peels, the needling, the fillers and the fractional erbium laser.

The scars are improved significantly after some sessions, while the recovery is short and the effect controlled.
is an inflammation of the follicle of the skin and glands that produce fat and includes the accumulation of sebum in the pores, which surround the hair.

Usually associated with the normal process of maturation of young people and therefore occurs with high frequency in adolescence. More than 80% of adolescent acne face problems. The occurrence of acne is a result of the influence of various factors, such as heredity, hormones, excessive growth of microbes and others have not yet been investigated.

Many foods have occasionally been accused of being responsible for the emergence or worsening acne problems in adolescents like chocolate, soft drinks, foods that are high in fat (eg various meats and cheeses), milk, sugar and sweets, the nuts, salt and others.

Scientific studies have however shown that eating certain foods does not burden nor improves the appearance of acne. The administration of oral antibiotics, topical application of tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide, and the use of specific formulations of laxatives are the only therapy that has been proven effective.
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What tells us our dermatologist? The skin needs special care. But dermatologists are probably not reveal all of our secrets.  As much care and moisturize our skin, there are some secrets that we can not know. According to the reader's digest fact, dermatologists are some well hidden "aces" up their sleeve. And they reveal them immediately. But dermatologists can understand that ... we sleep. Loceryl Nail polish can also be used to prevent fungal diseases. For these purposes zetaclear reviews, it should be applied to the nails of the day to visit the pool, baths, sauna, beach. This is not due to a special "divination" ability they have. Simply, either sleeping on the side or stomach creates a groove on one side of our face. This creates and wrinkles. To avoid them, it would be good to test the supine posture. It may not be good for snoring, but is suitable for ... ..antigiransi. If you're usually too tired to shampoo your face, at least always have a box of wipes without alcohol in your nightstand. Otherwise, all "elements" with whom you came in contact all day, they will just settle on your skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, wash it with cleaning products that are mild and then soak, but in no case do not use soap. Before buying a moisturizer from known companies, which also will cost you a fortune, try pharmaceutical moisturizing creams. They usually have the same active ingredients and cost far less. Move the magnifying mirror. Such movement causes you to "get rid" of any deformity, pimple or dead cell can have your skin. Especially if you suffer from acne, think about your face as a prohibitive area for your hands. The men have a kind of taboo with dermatologists. On the other hand, they claim that for a man to go to visit them, it usually means that either a woman forced them, or something happens in their private area, usually genital warts or itching. When you visit a dermatologist for skin examinations throughout the body, and must remove your pants. Also, do not wear makeup or nail polish, as your doctor should examine every inch of skin. Can the eight glasses of water can help the body, but by themselves are not able to fully moisturize your skin. The skin is affected by the environment, so if you live in an area with a dry climate, you can drink water throughout the day and your skin is still dry, while in the case of liquid environment conditions change. Can the strenuous exercise can make you look like most sports, but this does not mean that it will look and younger. The answer lies beneath the skin, and especially in very weak and sports people over 40 years, there is less subcutaneous fat, which makes them look more aged than their peers persons who are overweight. Cracks between the toes means that you have fungi. Spray an antifungal powder inside your socks and shoes so that your feet are not reinfected. To avoid allergic rashes in your genitals, wash your hands after any gardening or farm work, before going to the toilet. Attention to shave. Here you have to decide. Whether you shave every day or never. Shaving every day causes the most problems because hair growth and can now curl and enter inward.